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Celebrate Recovery Group

Meets: Thursday at 7:00 PM

We are excited to be gearing up to launch a RECOVERY GROUP at Reclaim Church! We are currently looking for individuals who are interested in participating in the program as well as anyone who would be interested in being part of the leadership team. To join the leadership team, knowledge of a secular or Christian 12 step program is helpful but we are happy to offer training if you feel called to this ministry! Sign up and we will follow up with you on your interest in either being a part of the group or being on the leadership team. Here's the info on the study: Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program with foundations firmly established in Biblical truth. The 12 Steps with accompanying Scriptures and the 8 Principles based on the Beatitudes offer participants a clear path of salvation and discipleship; bringing hope, freedom, sobriety, healing, and the opportunity to give back one day at a time through our one and only true Higher Power, Jesus Christ. The 12 Steps and the 8 Principles work seamlessly together, tying historical recovery to timeless Biblical teaching.


Men's Bible Study

Meets: Wednesday at 7:00 PM

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." If you're looking for a way to connect with your brothers at Reclaim and grow deeper in your faith with God this is the group for you. We dig into the Bible and other studies that address the things that us guys are dealing with in our public, private and work lives. It a great way to build some friendships and tackle those things that are weighing us down and holding us back.


Women's Group

Meets: Monday at 7:00 PM

This is a group dedicated to connecting women with the Word of God and each other.